Ignite Excellence Conference a Huge Success!

Ignite Excellence Conference raises $30,000 for Women Leaders in Africa

November 22, 2010
Ignite Excellence hosted its first conference with the goal to raise funds to develop women leaders in Africa. The money was donated to build the Leah Ngini Community Centre at the Africa International University. A Centre largely focused on the plethora of women issues in developing countries, as well as educating women in order to obtain post-graduate degrees. The money raised will go toward building the Centre as well as providing one scholarship to a perspective woman leader. If you want to attend future conferences, please email suzannefstevens@youmewe.ca.

On home ground, the conference focused on women leaders in Canada. This is what they said about their experience:

  • “A very inspiring, high-energy, and professional event for women who want to make a difference on today’s global issues!”
  • “This conference was amazing! The speakers were all so accomplished, motivating and empowering. I definitely learned a lot about what it takes to be a great leader, how to embrace the qualities women can bring to the business place as well as presentation tip after presentation tip To top it all off, all proceeds went towards educating women in Africa – a beautiful cause. Left the conference very inspired.”
    Frances Manlucu, Environics, Communications
  • “Suzanne Stevens and her entire team created an amazing day to celebrate women and raise funds for women’s leadership in Africa. The Ignite Excellence Conference was jam packed with information and inspiration. Thank you Suzanne for your vision and your passion for enrolling others in supporting the Leah Ngini Women’s Leadership Centre in Kenya. The day was awesome!”
    Laura Macro, Mayfair Legacy Group
  • “I had 2 team members attend the conference; both enjoyed and benefited from the experience and content in personal and professional development. Great day for current and aspiring leaders to experience philanthropy, inspiration and real applicable content to implement in day to day personal and business life.”Anonymous
  • “This was an inspiring day in every way – some great speakers, lots of creativity, and a very worthy cause.”
    Nancy Jacobi, The Japanese Paper Place
  • “A very uplifting conference. Beautifully run – professional and right on track. Thank you!”
  • “This was the best conference that I have attended for many years. The day was filled with inspiration and thought provoking ideas both for my personal development. As well, there was much for me to take away in terms of opportunity to contribute to the developing world through supporting its women leaders.”
    Margret Comack, (Retired hospital CEO)
  • “Outstanding Day – Great Learning, Networking, Sharing and Caring!”
    Jennifer Dewling, Chief of Corporate Development, First Affiliated Holdings Inc.
  • “This was a fantastic conference for an important cause. I received more than I gave, and came back to work inspired– empowered with new ideas and facts and engaged with the spirit that a room full of brilliant and committed- to -a- cause – women impart. Thank you for igniting this venture, Suzanne”
  • “It was a great day that helped me renew my personal direction and energy while reminding me that it is only achievable if you maintain a balanced lifestyle.”
    Lyn Shinn, Vice President, Client Services, Skyservice Business Aviation
  • “A wonderful group of women who joined forces and voices to help women in Africa find their voice. Well done Ladies!!”
    Susan Radojevic, The Peregrine Agency Ltd.
  • “The level of presentations was excellent. They were professional, inspiring and motivational. I took away a lot of good business tips from several of the presentations.”
  • “I am not myself currently an entrepreneur, nor do I belong to an organization. I recently resigned from my job to pursue further education and other dreams. However, this conference was a valuable experience that I will never forget. I came away feeling blessed that I had an opportunity to be surrounded by so many inspirational women. All the speakers were wonderful and each had her own valuable piece of knowledge to offer. I would recommend such an event for every woman at least once in her life.”
  • “I attended the Ignite excellence conference knowing it was a great cause and I was hoping to see some insightful speakers. I left knowing it was much more of an important cause than I’d known and a take away from some of the best speakers I had seen in a long time. Time passed and I didn’t realize it- and everything was documented by the graphic artist in the most unique and inspiring way. I would definitely attend again and recommend it to my female friends of all walks of life.”
  • “The whole day was very good from speakers to entertainment and the knowledge that were supporting a great cause – Women’s Education in Kenya was most important for empowering women who are the future leaders of Kenya and which is the key to moving Kenyan people from poverty to prosperity.”
    Kathy Wood, Co-founder, The Ronnie Fund, Working for Quality Village Life in Kenya
  • “A very motivating day for an extremely worthwhile cause.”