Although at present the YouMeWe Foundation is small and does have limited funding, we welcome you to apply for a partial scholarship if you are:

  • an African woman
  • living in Africa
  • pursuing tertiary education in Africa (preferably BA, under certain conditions Masters)
  • demonstrate leadership qualities
  • wants to pursue a career in creating a positive ripple effect in your community, country and/or continent
  • the university you are applying to has a charity number in the United States or Canadian. This is necessary and the number should be included in your application. This will increase your chances of acceptance.

Please only apply if you meet the following criteria. WE, unfortunately, CANNOT respond to all requests. Please do not call or email directly or your application will not be considered. All applicants must fill out the application for consideration. We will only contact you if we have enough funds or if your application is being considered. This could take a few months. We wish you success in your endeavors.   Fill out the information below and you will then be forwarded an application: In addition, you will also receive a complimentary subscription to Wisdom Exchange Tv – where African women pioneers are interviewed and will provide you with insight to excel in various fields and through various issues. Note: Completing the application is the ONLY way to be CONSIDERED for a scholarship. Apply to receive the application below. We look forward to reviewing your application.


Who are we looking to scholarship?

1. Individuals that completed the five-page application followed by an interview

2. Who has a financial need. (We checked references to substantiate the claim.)

3. Effectively communicated why an undergraduate or postgraduate education will assist with achieving your vision of contribution to society

4. Ability to describe the positive impact you will make in the community

5. Is the issue you want to address a prominent issue in a community, country, or continent?

6. How clear are their objectives and how determined are you to achieve them?

7. Character, demonstration of leadership qualities

8. A commitment to providing updates on your progression for a specified period