Investing in African women leaders of today for tomorrow

“The greatest weapon against injustice is education.”
Nelson Mandela

YouMeWe Foundation Vision & Mission

The YouMeWe Foundation’s mission is LeadershipAdvocacy and Education for women in Africa. The vision is to InvestInspire and Develop women leaders by providing tertiary education scholarships.  Donations invest in women leaders of today for tomorrow.

It has been said: “If you educate a man, you educate a man. Educate a woman, you education a nation.” Women are the change agents and have proven to be more financially, socially and politically responsible. They can right social injustices, stimulate the economy and feed their family.

Based on the extensive research highlighted on, when you invest in a woman she will help mobilized the community, country and continent. It seems only logical that the best investment for improving family and women’s circumstances in Africa is to invest in women leadership.

The most direct route to creating women leaders is by investing in tertiary education.

The Foundation’s initiatives include:

All funds donated to the foundation go to:

  • Providing Tertiary scholarships to women in Africa –  YouMeWe foundation (previously the Ignite Excellence Foundation) along with key members of the community/or university select a woman in financial need who has the desire and ability to fill a social gap where her goal is either to provide economic empowerment to members of society or social activism promoting one of the thirty human rights. The foundation’s goal is to invest in conscious leaders, who have demonstrated leadership in some capacity and who can envision creating a plan that will cause a positive ripple effect to hundreds or thousands.
  • How to qualify for scholarships? Prospective recipients need to fill out an extensive application form and be interviewed prior to selection. There are many other criteria considered in the selection process. Scholarship Application.
  • Recipients: As of 2016, YouMeWe foundation (previously the Ignite Excellence Foundation) has funded 26 girls through higher education. Some Scholarship recipients

Investing in a woman’s education in Africa is the best opportunity to mobilize the community, country and continent.


Donating – Donating will expedite the mobilization of women leaders across the African continent, and have a positive influence on social injustice.

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