YouMeWe foundation

$30,000 raised for scholarships – Nov 2010

Thank you to the speakers, recorder, and entertainment for donating their time, energy, and EXPERTISE to the YouMeWe Conference – 20 Scholarships where given to girls in Sub-Sarah Africa.

Thank you for the generosity of the speakers, volunteers, and the attendees to the first YouMeWe Conference (previously Ignite Excellence Conference) on November 22, 2010, we raised $30,000. All proceeds were donated to provide scholarships for a prospective women leaders in Africa. If you weren’t able to attend, the pictures and testimonials will give you an idea of this great event! Register on the home page if you would like to be invited to the next event. Interview about conference below.

Suzanne F. Stevens, guest interview on Liquid Lunch about Conference (previously the Ignite Excellence Conference) fundraising initiative for scholarships, the cause and the women that will be supporting the initiative. 10 minutes.

Suzanne F. Stevens, Founder of the YouMeWe Foundation (previously named Ignite Excellence Foundation).
September 9, 2010