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July 31, 2014—Through the generous spirit of donors and various fundraising initiatives, the YouMeWe Foundation (formily the Ignite Excellence Foundation) has now assisted twenty-six women in achieving their dreams of tertiary education. Through the partnership of AIMs (African Inland Mission), twenty of those scholarships went to well vetted individuals in various universities in Africa. Each one of these individuals is required to maintain a certain grade point average to continue receiving funding.

The YouMeWe Foundation (formily the Ignite Excellence Foundation) is a fund managed by Tides Canada ( The YouMeWe Foundation’s mission is Leadership, Advocacy and Education for women in Africa. The vision is to Invest, Inspire and Develop women leaders by providing tertiary education so we invest in women leaders of today for tomorrow. It has been said: “If you educate a man, you educate a man. Educate a woman, you education a nation.” Women are the change agents and have proven to be more financially, socially and politically responsible. They can right social injustices, stimulate the economy and feed their families.

Suzanne F. Stevens created the foundation in 2007 after her first trip to Africa. Stevens has since conducted her own research of the impact one woman can make on a community, and in many cases a country. Stevens has travelled back to several African countries, and spent 2011/12 in Eastern and Southern Africa. Stevens founded Wisdom Exchange TV, where she along with her husband, Michael Gingerich,  interview-pioneering women all over Africa. This website is a resource for African women to learn from women who have been trailblazers before them.

Based on the extensive research highlighted on, when you invest in a woman she will help mobilized the community, country and continent. It seems only logical that the best investment for improving family and women’s circumstances in Africa is to invest in women leadership. The most direct route to creating women leaders is by investing in tertiary education. The foundation along with key members of the community selects a woman in need who has the desire to create a positive ripple effect that will impact hundreds or thousands.

For more information on how to become involved, or donate to YouMeWe Foundation (formily Ignite Excellence Foundation), please contact Suzanne F. Stevens at 416 570-6557 or


26 Scholarships Jul 31 14 – PDF Downlowad

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Suzanne F. Stevens
Suzanne F. Stevens

Suzanne F. Stevens ignites leaders & entrepreneurs to cultivate cultures of community conscious-contributions™. Suzanne F. Stevens is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP). The CSP is the only earned professional designation for speakers recognized internationally by some 15 speaking associations serving members in over 20 countries. Internationally, only 15% of speakers have earned this designation. Suzanne is one of only sixty-three Canadians who currently hold this designation for speaking excellence. Suzanne F. Stevens is a social entrepreneur, professional speaker, pioneer, host, philanthropist, and soon to be an author. In 2016, thirteen years after founding and leading the Ignite Excellence Inc. Group as President and CEO, she rebranded the organization to The YouMeWe Group. Previously she focused on influencing, differentiating and engaging more people and more business. The YouMeWe Group's primary focus is celebrating, cultivating and co-creating conscious contributions™.

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